Ideas for unique
creations that will
warm your heart

The idea of ​​unique, heartfelt pieces that we offer here, at Spark of Joy, was born spontaneously – just like so many great ideas. We were simply overwhelmed with our passion of sharing joyful moments and we really wanted to find a way to bring a little bit of contentment to every home. Our charming handmade gifts will delight whoever receives them – they are tastefully designed, subtle and, most importantly, made with the love and belief that sometimes we need truly little to brighten up our daily lives – just a little bit of playful creativity.

Looking for a way to surprise your loved ones?

It’s easy to do – why not brighten their day with a very special gift, something unique and exquisite, something that nobody else has? An authentic, high-quality creation that we designed with a lot of love.

Pre-lit gifts

Delicious Gifts





Epoxy Resin Watches

Greeting cards


Interior decor

Other gifts


All products are completely safe and suitable for contact with food. They are covered with a special protective layer that protects against scratches and withstands heat up to 200 degrees.

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